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Blockhead. noun block·head \ˈbläk-ˌhed\  A quilter who likes to make a wide variety of quilt blocks, who probably collects books filled with quilt blocks, who has lots of random quilt blocks but still wants to make more. Does this sound like you?


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 Block No. 1 is Whirligig

Block No. 2 is Aunt Dinah

Block No. 3 Four X

Block No. 4 Bee Skep

Block No. 5 Coronation

Block No. 6 Sunflower

Block No. 7 Penny Basket

Block No. 8 Basket of Triangles

Block No. 9 Ohio Star Variation

Block No. 10 Basket and Flower

Block No. 11 Lisa's Star

Block No. 12 Puzzled

Block No. 13 Bowtie Quartet

Block No. 14 Square in a Square

Block No. 15 T Block

Block No. 16 Flags

Block No. 17 Trail of Tears

Block No. 18 Rocky Mountain Puzzle

Block No. 19 Night Flight

Block No. 20 Devil's Claw

Block No. 21 Flying Geese Variation

Block No. 22 Birdhouse

Block No. 23 Winnecone Star

Block No. 24 Corn. No Beans.

Block No. 25 Twice the Friendship

Block No. 26 Cat's Cradle

Block No. 27 Union Variation

Block No. 28 Pumpkin

Block No. 29 Juneau

Block No. 30 Four-Patch Dash

Block No. 31 Dot Dash

Block No. 32 Dutchman's Puzzle

Block No. 33 Starz

Block No. 34 House

Block No. 35 Northridge

Block No. 36 Shoo Dat

Block No. 37 Double Delight Star

Block No. 38 Peace & Plenty

Block No. 39 Framed Star

Block No. 40 Cardinal

Block No. 41 Pinwheel Star

Block No. 42 Turnstile

Block No. 43 Any Direction

Block No. 44 Lawyer's Puzzle

Block No. 45 Double Dutch

Block No. 46 Cat and Dog

Block No. 47 Starry 9 Patch

Block No. 48 Honeymoon

Block Heads quilt


The Moda Blockheads are: Lynne Hagmeier, Betsy Chutchian, Jan Patek, Jo Morton, & Lisa Bongean

  • Blocks – each Blockhead will post the same block each week on their blog, Facebook or website.
  • The Blockheads are all making blocks and a quilt – setting ideas and instructions will be provided at the end.
  • Scrappy!  That’s one thing all six of us have in common – we love scrap quilts, the more fabrics the better!  Most of the designers will be making a quilt using their own fabric collections… but there are a couple who are already whispering about making more than one quilt.  (Rumor has it that a few of the designers will be offering “starter packs” of their fabrics.)
  • Yardage?  If you know you’re going to want to use a single collection – I’d start with at least 24 fat quarters and 3 to 4 yards of background.

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